Nikol Aghababyan

Auction Impact

AUA Supporter Garen Demirchian participated in the recent AUA Holiday Art Auction and was the highest bidder for How I Love You by artist Nikol Aghababyan. Commenting on why he felt compelled to bid, Demirchian said:

Supporting the AUA scholarship program is an effective way to ensure the growth and advancement of our young, talented and motivated students at AUA. It is important to invest in our youth at AUA because I believe they are the future generation; representing the progress and prosperity of our beloved Hairenik.
For me, this painting by Nikol Aghababyan is a beautiful portrayal of life — the vivid colors relate to all facets of our land, culture, fabric and of a creative process showing unconditional love. It speaks of talent and creativity and is a reminder of our AUA students’ motivation to excel and achieve.

The proceeds from the sale of the painting benefitted the AUA Scholarship Program.

Nikol Aghababyan is an Armenian painter born in 1964 in the Koghb village of Armenia’s Tavush region. In 1986, he graduated from the Yerevan Pedagogical Institute of Art and has been painting since. He is a member of the UNESCO International Union of Artists as well as the Armenian Painters’ Union. His work can be found in public and private collections and has been exhibited around the world, including in the United States, Europe, Russia, China, and the Middle East.

Aghababyan places significant value on the notion that expressed energy is positive and would otherwise lose its meaning and purpose. "To me, the style of creativity has lesser importance. But rather it is essential to possess civility and a gentle attitude toward yourself and the world. In order to keep the ever changing balance of the world in harmony, I believe it is crucial to have rapid advancement of art or it might lose its connotation if we are not able to keep pace with today’s rhythm and dynamics. Creativity must run parallel with progressiveness, it should be contemporary, and even take a step further and lead." 

Two of his pieces being auctioned through the AUA Art Auction will benefit scholarships for students studying at AUA.