William Saroyan – 2022

Auction Details & Impact

William Saroyan has long been hailed as not only one of the most influential literary figures of his period, but also as a most revered member of the Armenian Diaspora. His influence runs deep in the hearts and minds of so many, with his most famous saying about Armenians quoted, or rather misquoted, endlessly by those who have never even read his works, a proving testament, year after year, to the lasting power of his name.

Throughout his lifetime, William Saroyan was an unapologetic writer and poet. He wrote many successful stories and plays, and was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama and an Academy Award for Best Story. But in addition to literature, Saroyan was also a talented painter, drawing prolifically and producing hundreds of paintings throughout his lifetime.

The American University of Armenia recently received another set of William Saroyan's original paintings from the William Saroyan Foundation. These two beautiful and unique works of art are exhibited online and being auctioned off to raise funds to support scholarships for AUA students. The additional funds raised for the established William Saroyan Scholarship will continue to provide quality education to Armenian students at AUA and enable them to become the next generation of thought-leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs driving Armenia to prosperity.

Auction Website: http://aua.cbo.io