Legacy Donors

Donors Who Planned a Lasting Legacy In The Heart of Armenia

“I made a bequest to AUA in memory of my father’s family — those we lost in the Genocide. This was our way of honoring not just my father's family, but many other martyrs. Through our gift to AUA, we are able to maintain and enrich our culture. The youth are the future of any country... and they are especially valuable for a small nation like Armenia.”

Edward Godoshian (1933-2020)

Armenia is our homeland, and as diasporans we need to support young Armenians to have the opportunity of pursuing a college education. We have the obligation to support Armenia with all our hearts and minds. Young Armenians will grow and work to make our homeland as successful as ever with our financial, spiritual, and cultural support.

Ellen Sarkisian Chestnut

I wanted to do something for my nation but I did not know how to ensure that the impact would be real and lasting. When I heard about AUA and the remarkable work the University is doing in Armenia, it was an easy decision. Through the gift of education, I am empowering the future generations of young men and women in Armenia, helping them to become well-prepared professionals and contribute to the betterment of our motherland.

Elizabeth Kaprielian (1915-2021)


Zaruhy Sara Chitjian with AUA’s first president and co-founder
Dr. Mihran Agbabian at an AUA event

Zaruhi Sara Chitjian, a steadfast supporter of AUA, understood the importance and impact of education. She chose to support AUA’s Entrepreneurship and Product Innovation Center (EPIC) because she recognized the potential of the impact that innovation will have on the future of the country.

Sara’s gift will have a lasting impact, allowing EPIC to continue to be a hub of innovation and technology and provide the resources necessary to help young entrepreneurs in Armenia succeed.

“I am very impressed when I hear what AUA students are doing. My hope is that through my gift they will be able to produce something unique that will benefit the country.”
- Zaruhy Sara Chitjian, 1933-2021