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What Legacy Will You Leave Behind?

Legacy giving can catalyze a transformative impact on the American University of Armenia (AUA) while fulfilling an individual philantropist’s aspiration. Through thoughtful financial and estate planning, you can get immediate recognition by AUA students, faculty and staff while resting assured that you will have a lasting impact on the sustained operation of the University in delivering quality education, today and for many years to come. 

A planned gift bestowed to AUA is a commitment established by a donor during his or her lifetime, which could be in the form of real and personal property, designated retirement plan beneficiary, life insurance designee, and through other giving instruments. 

A planned gift to AUA will formalize your contribution to the growth of one of Armenia’s premier academic institutions and it will ensure that succeeding AUA students will reap the benefits of your purposeful and generous gift in perpetuity. This brochure lays out the different instruments of planned giving that the University recommends for authorizing your gift while fulfilling your personal financial exigencies and objectives. 


A legacy gift recognizes your personal successes and celebrates your values and beliefs, extending your benefaction to future generations that will make an impact on Armenia. There are several legacy options AUA recommends to ensure that your influence on the development of Armenia is sustained through the difference you bring and the impact you make on the wellbeing of many lives after you depart.


AUA thoughtfully and carefully invests its monetary resources to ensure the University functions efficiently and continues to be at the forefront of academic excellence. Our Western teaching methods and faculty aim at graduating strong and competent leaders for Armenia and our operations exemplify our commitment to advancing the country to become a global player. Your legacy can translate into a sustainable resource that will keep shining your name, stimulating young minds, and energizing Armenia’s growth, forward and upward.


Many potential benefactors prefer not to make the kinds and levels of gifts they would like during their lifetimes. Deferred charitable giving is the instrument that considers just that, allowing donors to fashion their investments such that an expressed parcel of their estate goes to where they choose and reach the exact purpose they have intended. Well-designed legacy gifts could also offer considerable tax advantages during the donor’s lifetime.

Join us in shaping the next generation of leaders and scholars in Armenia through the power of planned giving. To explore the various ways you can plan your legacy, visit our Planned Giving Options page. 

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To learn more and further discuss the best way for you to bequeath a gift to leave a lasting legacy at AUA, contact the AUA Office of Development at (510) 925-4282 or [email protected]

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