In 1991, a passionate group of visionaries founded the American University of Armenia (AUA).  With the University of California, the Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU), and Armenia’s Ministry of Education establishing the base, individual leaders dedicated themselves to creating an institution that now provides an American higher education in Armenia. 

Twenty-two years ago, we opened our doors to the inaugural class of graduate students and began our mission of educating the future educators, professionals, and leaders of the Republic of Armenia. This year, we have expanded our reach by welcoming our very first undergraduate class. This milestone has already nearly doubled our student body. In the coming years, this growth will continue.

AUA policy is that no Armenian citizen admitted to AUA will be denied study because of financial need. This means that admissions decisions are based on merit, not financial ability to pay tuition, and no qualified student is turned away for his or her inability to pay tuition. In order to maintain this policy in the midst of such growth, we rely on the generous support of our alumni, faculty, staff, parents, and friends.

By giving to AUA, you become a part of our global community. You enable us to provide scholarships to the talented individuals that populate the AUA student body, to bring a diverse international faculty to our campus, and to promote development in Armenia and the surrounding region through research, service, and education.