Scholarship Program Support

Establish an Endowed Named Scholarship – $50,000 or more

An Endowed Named Scholarship gives donors the opportunity to invest within the University's endowment, while also supporting a student's education. The interest accrued from the endowment, not the principal, is offered as financial aid to students, ensuring the endowment continues to grow in order to support future students. By establishing an Endowed Named Scholarship, donors can memorialize a loved one or honor a family member with confidence, since AUA’s endowments are professionally managed by the University of California (UC). Thanks to a strong partnership with the UC system, AUA benefits from the economy of scale of UC's large endowment pool, world class investment expertise, balanced investment strategies and stable annual returns. To facilitate establishing a scholarship endowment, the donation can be pledged over 5 years, but the full benefit to the student will not be realized until the endowment principal reaches $50,000. For that reason, we suggest giving an annual scholarship gift, in addition to the pledge payment, until the endowed scholarship is fully funded.

Establish an Annual Named Scholarship -- $2,500 or more

The annual cost of attendance at AUA is $7,500 per student however, the subsidized tuition for Armenian citizens is $3,500 to $4,500, depending on the field of study. A named scholarship can be established with an annual donation of $3,500, which provides full tuition support. A minimum of $2,500 can also be donated to provide partial tuition support for one student. Donors usually opt to make multi-year pledges so that the scholarship recipient is supported during the entire course of his or her studies. 


  • Testimonial

    Rafayel Avagyan, The Diocesan Friends of AUA, Dr. Kris & Mrs. Pamela Mirzayan

    “My mission in life is to serve my country, to leave a footprint in this world through my art, and to live life to the fullest as a Christian. I can say with confidence that AUA gives the best education in Armenia. And it gives me the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge necessary to become an expert in my profession and to achieve my dreams”

  • Testimonial

    Mariam Hakobyan, AIWA – LA: Jean Kelegian Scholarship

    “Being AIWA scholarship recipient I feel very empowered not only as a student but also as a young woman to follow the path of career and success. Thanks to AIWA’s scholarship support I am able to study in one of the most prestigious universities in Armenia, where not only I gain valuable knowledge and skills, but I have the opportunity to communicate with remarkable scholars and professors, and expand my knowledge on development in science and technology through my involvement in various projects locally and internationally.”

  • Testimonial

    Davit Muradyan, Vagharshak and Shooshanig Shahinian Memorial Endowed Scholarship Recipient

    “After the return from the military service, it was very hard for me to be a student again. During my time in the army I witnessed the “Four-Day-War” in April of 2016 in Artsakh. The impact of that experience will stay with me for the rest of my life. This scholarship support was critical for me to be able to pursue my education at AUA. I live with my grandmother and have no financial support from anywhere. I am confident that I can secure a better future for myself thanks to the education that I am receiving at AUA. I am forever grateful to my supporters.”

  • Testimonial

    Artyom Tarverdyan, Hakop and Boulour Ghazarian Endowed Scholarship Recipient

    “I strongly believe that the key to success is knowledge and hard work. I am very grateful to the Ghazarian Family for opening the door of opportunity to continue my studies at AUA. This institution will prepare me to succeed both in my professional and personal life. I have great plans for the future, and this scholarship made it possible. The dream of an ordinary young man from a small city of Artashat to make a change in the homeland has started and I am very excited for my journey.”

  • Testimonial

    Gasia Atashian, Kablanian Scholarship

    “I believe in the saying that building strong base would prevent future collapsing. That belief made me put hard work and study to the best of my ability. I consider myself to be among the few fortunate people whose lives were not ruined because of the war, instead it got better. The war in Syria changed my life, and so did the Kablanian Family through their scholarship support. I overcame many difficulties and resettled in Armenia without losing my inspiration to learn. AUA is preparing me for a brighter future.”