Noubar & Tracy Ouzounian Endowed Scholarships Allow Recipients to Pursue Their Dreams in Tech

An Endowed Scholarship gives donors the opportunity to invest within the University’s endowment while also supporting student’s education. The interest accrued from the endowment is offered as a scholarship to students, ensuring that the endowment continues to grow in order to support future students at AUA. Since its establishment, the Noubar and Tracy Ouzounian Endowed Scholarship has provided the ultimate gift of education to several students studying at AUA, and this year the two recipients embody the message and impact of the “Yes, Armenian Women Can!” campaign at AUA. 

We all aspire to build a  prosperous Armenia where human rights are not violated, the rule of law is respected, and income disparity is diminished,” Dr. Ouzounian says. “Although these may be lofty goals, and sound perhaps utopian in a part of the world where governments can be authoritarian, we know that education is the path to get people out of poverty and enable Armenia to become a democratic country. The world today is facing major problems such as global warming, pollution, mass migrations, which require ‘out of the box‘ creative solutions, and we believe that education at AUA will enable the students to tackle these issues.”