Research & Development Centers

Open Centers of Excellence

AUA’s Open Centers of Excellence are broad thematic platforms for strategic and long-term collaboration. The objective is to solve complex challenges by attracting forefront knowledge and competence from different backgrounds to focus on common problems within the open thematic area. The strategy is to establish and sustain integrated and transformative collaborations using the power of trans-disciplinary and trans-stakeholder interactions. The outcome is expected to provide transformative and sustainable solutions that are directly relevant for government, industry, universities, and/or civic society.

AUA has decided to work with six Open Centers of Excellence. They will be developed in collaboration with Deans of Colleges/Schools, Center Chairs, a network of Administrative Support and the Executive Team. The support system is well integrated with the Global Local Office, Open Education, Communication, Development and Alumni organization. 


Available for Naming:

  • Open Center for Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Open Center for Innovation Advancement
  • Open Center for Leadership and Governance
  • Open Center for Transformative Health Solutions
  • Open Center for Systems Thinking 

Named Open Center of Excellence:

  • Acopian Center for the Environment -
Research & Development Centers

Named Research and Development Centers:

  • Paul Avedisian Center for Business Research & Development (CBRD) -
  • Zaruhy Chitjian Entrepreneurship & Product Innovation Center (EPIC)  -
  • Turpanjian Center for Policy Analysis (TCPA) -
  • Zvart Avedisian Onanian Center for Health Services Research & Development (CHSR)  -